Rahul Gandhi Resigns as the President of The National Congress Party.


Rahul Gandhi who recently had announced his decision to quit as the president of the Congress National Party, on Wednesday tweeted his resignation letter. He took all the responsibility of the loss of the party in the 2019 Lok Sabha Election.


Rahul, the son of Late Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi has been active in politics since 2004. But hasn’t been in light much until he was announced as the vice president of the Congress in 2013.


Rahul in his letter says that “Accountability is crucial for the future of the loss of the 2019 Election. It is for the reason that i have resigned as president of the Congress” He stands himself accountable for this loss saying “AS president of the Congress Party, I am responsible for the loss of the 2019 Election.


He even pointed out the accountability of the other party members for the loss of the election. “Rebuilding the party requires hard decisions and numerous people will have to be held accountable for the future of 2019.




Talking about the successor and passing of the duties, Rahul pens “While it is important for someone new to lead our party, It would not be correct for me to select that person” . “Immediately after resigning, I suggested to my colleagues in the Congress working committee that the way forward would be to entrust a group of people with the task of beginning the search of for a new president,” Rahul adds.


Rahul also draws attention to severe wreckage of our constitution in the presence of BJP Governance. The attack on our country and our cherished Constitution that is taking place are designed to destroy the fabric of our Nation.” Alike Mahua Moitra, the first time Trinamool Congress MP, Rahul also pointed out the controlling of the Media and other Election bodies during the Election.

“A free and fair election rehires the neutrality of a country’s institutions: an election cannot be fair without arbiters - a free press, an independent judiciary and a transparent election commission that is objective and neutral.”

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