Nipah Virus: two another cases confirm in Kerala

Nipah virus was confirmed in Kerala, on Monday,  by Health Minister of Kerala  KK Shailaja. 23 old student was tested positive out of 86 patient suspect. 2 patient were admitted , nurses were treating them also infected , they initially feel sore throat and fever. Semple of second patient will be sent to NIV Alappuzha, Manipal Laboratory, PTI says in  tweet.


The National Institute of Virology, which tested his blood samples, confirmed the presence of the virus.the medicine brought from austrelia by  NIV. last year 17 people were killed by Nipah virus government said .


Nipah virus is which causes NIP , Nipah virus infection. The infection in which patient have fever , headache , sore throat shortness in breath and confusion. Infection spread through both Men as well as animals .The disease was first identified in 1998 during an outbreak in Malaysia.


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