Foods That Will Help You Overcome Depression

It is a truly alarming fact, more and more people around the world suffer from depression. Many people tend to confuse this psychological illness with a continuous state of sadness, but it is something more serious. Severe medical treatment is required to fully overcome it. Diet is also an important aspect to keep in mind. There are anti-depression foods that become great allies for this disorder. Let’s get to know them: First of all, food that is considered junk food does not enter here. A healthy and fresh diet is more than enough to alleviate depression. The power of food is enormous and through it, we can improve our mood. 


How do foods help against depression?

Depression sufferers mostly have low serotonin levels. That is the main cause of stress, apathy, anguish, and frustration problems. The good news is that there are different foods that promote these brain chemical reactions naturally. Other foods that can help us are those that contain Tryptophan. This substance is considered to be responsible for providing good humor. Many foods have this amino acid, especially eggs and dairy. Also do not forget the turkey, as this food is rich recipes will help a lot against depression.


Vitamin B for everyone

Often patients with depression suffer from low levels of type B vitamins. In this particular case, vitamins B12 or B6 show the most deficiencies in the nervous system. Lack of this vitamin quickly makes us irritable, tired, annoyed, and even sad.

Foods containing these vitamins are the liver or kidneys of cattle. These two pieces will help us keep vitamin B12 levels stable. A fundamental contribution, also if you want to improve your diet, is the low amount of fat they have. Clams also have good contributions of vitamin B12. If you can’t stand eating visors, you can try eating brewer’s yeast, since it also contains vitamin B.


Can you stand the bad smell? Garlic is coming

Although you probably do not like the smell of Garlic, it has so many beneficial properties that you will learn to love it. It is rich in Tryptophan and Phenylalanine, both are responsible for generating positive substances in our brain that directly help us fight depression. Another of garlic’s beneficial properties is that it is a great anti-inflammatory and increases serotonin levels in the brain. As if that were not enough, it also has certain sedative properties, so it is recommended to have it in the pantry.


Nuts to not be sad

Dried fruits are an ideal complement to a balanced diet. They provide us with great content of minerals and vitamins that are of great help for a healthy organism. Walnuts, for their part, are in this group, they are extremely complete since they have Omega 3. Omega 3 helps us exponentially to reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood. Omega 3 has several more functions: it helps us to concentrate more skillfully and prevents the deterioration of neurons. Similarly, walnuts have tryptophan, helping to maintain a good mood.


Chocolate for everyone

It has always been said that chocolate helps us to be happier. It is important to discern between types of chocolate to make this saying even clearer. Dark chocolate is much healthier because it contains less sugar and much more cocoa. In addition, dark chocolate helps reduce anxiety levels since it contains Tryptophan.

Eating chocolates also helps the mood, because it releases certain endorphins similar to when we exercise (but without the feeling of progress) for what pleases us and well-being.


Eat legumes to be happy

There are other foods that help us stay in a good mood, for example, lentils, chickpeas, or beans. Before we were talking about tryptophan while we are currently talking about phenylalanine. This substance is special since it helps us to calm the pain, regenerate the skin, or harden nails. Of course, it also helps us maintain a good mood. This substance is special because it helps us create new and better neurotransmitters in our brain. Increasing our daily dose will only make us stronger to fight the sea humor.




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