Narayan Sai: The self-proclaimed Godman finally convicted.

Humanity is definitely lost! The so-called godman who we trust blindly is nothing but deceptive hideous human beings who lack the minimum sense of humanism within their conscience. Such people who themselves lack the spirit of humanity are trusted by us to enlighten us spiritually. What an irony!

After the statements and complaints of the victims, finally, the police lodged a case against the self-proclaimed Godman, the father-son duo, "Asaram and Narayan Sai" under a rape case. This 11-year-old case getting lodged upon the statement of the victims showed how brutal these humans treated the Fem-Dom, masked under the aid of purity and conscientious knowledge. 

The session court of surat found Narayan Sai guilty of raping a girl, the younger sister of the sister duo. Also, there was a simultaneous complaint of sexual exploitation and rape by the elder sister against Asaram. Soon after the allegation, the culprit was underground with no trace around. After 2 months of the filing the complaint, police arrested Narayan sai from Pipli, in 2013 which is on the Delhi Haryana border. The court has pronounced its judgement on 26 April, the quantum of which will be announced on 30 April. Four of Narayan Sai's helping hands were also arrested. 

The fact that the court could produce 53 witnesses against him while only 14 in defence of him, compelled him to go underground. None the less, he allegedly tried bribing the jail authorities for bailing him out with an amount of 13 crores Indian rupees.

For the records, his father Asaram has already been convicted a girl of minor age from Rajasthan for a lifetime. The thing that astounds here is, are we actually this dumb to accept someone so heinous, are they actually so shrewd to easily trap us in their words!


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