Minimum fare of taxi should be Rs. 30 ,demands the Union of taxi drivers

The Mumbai Taxi’s Union has demanded for the increase in fare from Rs.22 to Rs.30 a direct increase of 7 Rs that is too much. According to the Union the last increase is the fare was approved in year 2015 of June after that even the CNG prices has been increased five times and now its almost 4 years there in no increased in fare. We had demanded for the rise in fare last year from Rs.22 to Rs. 25 for 1.5km in June 2018 to the state government but at that time they refused and said that we will directly increase it to Rs 30 after some months but now almost 1 year is completed and no change is seen.


As there has been increase in the price of CNG by 9.26 Rs, we taxi drivers are not able to gain any profit and incurred a great loss during last 7-8 months and are unable to absorb the CNG cost . So now our demand is to revive minimum fare of taxi to Rs.30 as soon as possible. The Taxi's Union said “If our demands for increase in fare are not fulfilled then we will launch an agitation from mid of June.”



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