Mandatory 7 day Quarantine for All Coming in Delhi

Each and every person arriving in Delhi by any means, train, bus, flight, and care has to undergo quarantine for a week. This rule has been brought up by the Delhi government changing its earlier rule where no quarantine was required. The responsibility for this task has been handed over to district administration officials who will ensure that a person must go under quarantine for a week if s/he has come to Delhi.


 Earlier the Delhi government had advised people coming to Delhi that they should monitor themselves for 14 days and call the District Surveillance Officer or National Call Centre in case of symptoms. But this rule didn’t come up too well as numbers of cases multiplied. Also, with the relaxations in lockdown, the rule teamed up to surge the cases in the capital.


Currently, Delhi has 23,645 cases of coronavirus adding every day around 1200 cases on an average. The number of containment areas is still huge in Delhi and at this current time, there are 120 containment zones. The borders to Delhi have already been seized due to a rise in cases. However, Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal said, “We will make a decision again in one week to open borders after seeking suggestions from citizens.”


Delhi is one of the worst COVID-19 affected places in the country. India stands at seventh position with 2 lakh cases among the 10 nations worst hit by the virus. However, the only good sign of the pandemic in India is that the recovery rate is quite large. Among 2 lakh positive cases, India has suffered 5,815 deaths so far and medical professionals are trying day and night to improve recovery rate more rapidly.





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