IPS from Gujarat sentenced with lifelong imprisonment.


Sanjiv Bhatt, Gujarat cadre IPS officer, has been sentenced for a life long imprisonment. Jamnagar court gave out the punishment to Sanjiv for a 30 year old custodial death case. Along with him, one another police officer, Praveen Singh Jhala is also sentences with the same punishment.


Last week Sanjiv reached  out to the apex court with the plea of hearing the 11 witness before reaching to any conclusion. As per  him the 11 witness  can affect the final decision, however the plea was rejected by the Supreme Court. The plea was called out as a ' tactic to delay the outcome of the case '. Gujarat police had strongly opposed Sanjiv reaching the SC.



When the incident took place, Sanjiv was posted in Jamnagar on the post of additional superintendent. As per the prosecution, at the time of a riot Bhatt detained over hundred people out of which one died in hospital after being released. Bhatt was suspended in year 2011, on the  charges of not being on duty without taking any permission. Also, he  was charged for misusing official vehicles. He was later sacked in August of 2015​


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