Instagram is hiding the likes on photos posted, to stop buying of likes and views

On Instagram likes and views depicts the value of certain post so many of them starting buying views and likes to increase their posted video's and photo's value. Therefore Instagram is taking a step in hiding likes and views in countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. This feature is being tested in the above countries and the user can only post videos and photos.

Instagram in an official statement says that We want your friends to focus on your post, should only be able to see what you have posted there is no need of seeing how much likes and views you get. You can still see your own likes like how many of them liked and viewed but your friend can't see that it is only for a personal viewing of your own profile. So now after implementing this feature of Instagram, it would be useless for a user to buy likes and views on their content.

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