Indian Government Web Portal For All COVID-19 Vaccine Related Updates

A new web portal is launched for the COVID-19 vaccine and related research in India. All data related to the COVID-19 vaccine and its clinical trials are always available in this portal. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic peoples are frustrated, everyone wants to live their normal life again and all are waiting for a vaccine, now through this website, everyone can track vaccine-related research and get updated through it. The Union health ministry launched this web on Monday with all information related COVID-19. Union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said, “The increased inquisitiveness around COVID-19 vaccine will make ‘Vaccine Web Portal’ a huge success. This dynamic, insightful tool will detail efforts for developing various vaccines against covid19 & other diseases & mapping their stages of progression.”


Many organizations are working efficiently to find a trustworthy vaccine which has no side effect. Doctors and scientists provide all their efforts to find a vaccine which have complete all clinical trials. Generally, vaccine-related research takes a minimum of 1 year to complete all clinical trials but now the world needs a vaccine as soon as possible to come back to normal life. The union health minister says that within the first quarter of 2021, India’s 1st COVID vaccine might be available.


Day by day COVID-19 cases is increasing in India. Total COVID-19 cases of India up to now is 6.15M, among them 5.1M are recovered and 96,318 death cases. Whereas 33.4 M worldwide cases with 23.2 M recovered and 1M death cases.



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