Indian Railways getting some serious upgrades.

In the coming four years, the travel between Delhi and Mumbai will be shortened to a 10 hour travel. Another train will only be taking 12 hours from Delhi to Howrah.The railway authorities have been planning to increase the speed of trains on these routes to the speed of 160 kmph. This speeding will cut short the time taken between Delhi and Kolkata to only 5 hours rather than the usual journey of ten and a half hours.



Rajdhani is  the current fastest train which can run at the speed of 130 kmph.This agenda is released under the second trial of Narendra Modi's government. The proposal is a part of the 100 days agenda. The estimated cost of this upgradation in the trains and the infrastructure of the railway station is  Rs. 13,500 crore.





 As per the circular released  by the Indian Railways Board chairman, VK Yadav the need of enhancing these tracks is a must. These tracks entitles in total of 30% of the  passengers and 20% of the total train traffic. The officials have instructed for immediate action on this project by 31 August. The proposals of this plan has been sent to the Prime Minister's desk already.



Apart from the betterment in speed of the trains, other goals are building  a digital corridor for railways which will provide a 10 MHz spectrum in the 700 MHz frequency band. The spectrum will be increasing the train's carrying capacity. This will also enhance the security of the travel. Another goal marked is to assemble WiFi at all 6,485 railway stations. Redevelopment of 50 railway station is also been looked for. ​

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