India Gate replica Pays Homage to those Killed at Shaheen Bagh

A replica of India Gate has been made at Shaheen Bagh paying homage to those who were killed in protests against CAA-NRC-NPR. Their names have been mentioned on the replica which resembles exactly like the original monument. This has become a major center of attraction for the protesters. "Their names will not be forgotten, their sacrifice will not go in vain. The mentioning of the names of the people who got killed in the anti CAA, NRC and NPR protest across the country is a reminder of the tragedy," said a protester.




The replica carries names of the protesters who were killed across the country including that of those killed in Assam, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bijnor and other parts of the country during protests against the Citizenship Act. A Mashaal replica just in line with India Gate has also been made along its side by the protesters. Just under the foot-over bridge, the protesters were seen passing through the newly constructed replica and clicking selfies and photographs. "Maybe we cannot go too far to protest and found this place Shaheen Bagh to comfortably protest, this new replica of India Gate at Shaheen Bagh stands here to remind us of the people who were killed raising their voices," said a protester.


Earlier, a section of the protesters drifted from the protest but the majority of women remained unfazed and continued sitting on the site with their children. Several national and international media have covered the women protesters of Shaheen Bagh. This wide media coverage and the celebrities standing in solidarity with the protesters have made it tough for Delhi police which already under criticism for its Jamia Library crackdown, to remove the blockade on the busy road linking Delhi and Noida.




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