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On April 14, honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced that the lockdown will continue till May 3, therefore, the government released revised guidelines under which activities like agriculture, IT, e-commerce and movement of trucks and goods carriers will be allowed from April 20 to bring down the difficulties face by people. Under the revised guidelines, the exemptions from lockdown have been granted to all health services, finance services, MNREGA works, public utilities, and supply of goods, e-commerce and all-cargo services.  The government has also made wearing masks in public places and workspaces as compulsory and has also focused on the need for maintaining a social distance.thin



Following are the revised guidelines for various sectors to the things which are allowed:


Health Sector

  • All health services will be functional along with the social sector: public utilities will function without any hindrance.
  • Chemists, pharmacies and veterinary hospitals to remain open. All the manufacturing units of drugs, medical equipment, and construction of media infrastructure will be allowed.

Farming Sector

  • All the farming operations like procurement of agricultural products, agricultural marketing through notified Mandis, direct and decentralized marketing, manufacturing, distribution and retail of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds: activities of marine and inland fisheries; animal husbandry activities including the supply of chain of milk, milk products, poultry and livestock farming, tea, coffee, and rubber plantations are allowed to be functional.
  • Industries operating in rural areas like food processing industries, construction of roads, irrigation projects, buildings, and industrial projects in rural areas, work under MNREGA with priority to irrigation and water conservation works, also including operation of rural Common Service Centers have been allowed under revised guidelines.
  • Operation of fishing, the aquaculture industry and movement of fish products now allowed.
  • Operation of tea, coffee and rubber plantations with a maximum 50% of workers is allowed.

Financial Sector

  • Important components of the financial sector like RBI, banks, ATMs, capital and debt markets as notified by SEBI and insurance companies will remain operational.
  • SEBI, and capital and debt market services as notified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India.
  • IRDAI and Insurance Companies.

Social Sector

  • The operation of homes for children, mentally disabled, senior citizens and destitute will be functional.
  • Operation of Anganwadis, observation homes and disbursement of social security measures.
  • MNREGA works will be allowed with strict implementation of social distancing and wearing of masks.

Public Utilities

  • Petrol Pumps, LPG, Petroleum and gas retail and storage outlets to be allowed
  • Generation, transmission, and distribution of power at Central and Stat/levels to remain functional.
  • Postal services including post offices to remain open.
  • Operations at municipal and local bodies to be allowed
  • Telecommunications and internet to remain functional.

Transport and Goods

  • Transportation of goods will be permitted without any categorization between essential and non-essential.
  • The operation of land ports for the transport of essential services will be allowed.
  • Movements of the truck with two drivers and one helper will be allowed.

Essential Services

  • Shops like ration shops dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk outlets, meat and fish, animal fodder, fertilizers and seeds, and pesticides will be supplied. There will be however no restriction in their timing. However, district authorities may limit it to a home delivery system in order to minimize public movement.
  • E-commerce operations and courier services will be allowed.
  • Cold storage and warehousing services will be allowed.
  • Data and call centers will be functional but only for government activities.
  • Services provided by electrician and plumber will be made functional.
  • Defense, Central Armed Police Forces, Health and Family Welfare, Disaster Management and Early Warning Agencies will be operational.
  • Police, home guards, civil defense, fire and emergency services will be functional.
  • All other departments of state/UT to work with restricted staff.


Now comes, what is NOT allowed!

  • The activities strictly prohibited around the country during lockdown include, travel by air, rail, and road, operation of educational and training institutions, industrial and commercial activities, hospitality services, all cinema halls, shopping complexes, theatre, etc. all social, political and religious events along with the opening of any religious place of worship for the public, including religious congregations.
  • In containment zones, no inward/outward movement of the population would be allowed except for essential services like medical services and other government businesses.
  • Gatherings of more than 5 persons have been banned.
  • Spitting in public has been made punishable offense with a fine.
  • Ban of liquor, gutka, tobacco, and other similar products to be strictly imposed.


Thus, if anyone is seen violating these guidelines then MHA has decided to take action under Section 51 to 60 of the Act and Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).





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