13 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide in Hazaribagh by Hanging Herself


Suicide cases have taken a hype since lockdown. There might be different reasons for it. People have minimal work to stay busy at, there is a lot of negativity around, for the first time there is so much leisure time for each one of us. Some are able to make use of it, others are not able to handle the circumstance. Nearly every day when I go through the newspaper, I see a section where it's about someone committing suicide. It is important to reach out to people at these baffling times and also take for our health.


Another reported case is from Hazaribagh where a 13-year-old girl, named Vagisha cum Mahi has committed suicide by hanging herself. This happened on Thursday night when her housemates were asleep. It is reported that she was stressed due to lockdown and the school shutting for so long time. She stayed quiet and refused to talk to people. Her mother qualified for the JPSE exam this year and family members were very happy because of the same. When her family members saw the girl hanging, they were left shocked and jarred. Police were informed immediately, where police searched for the suicide note but could not get it. When neighbors were asked they told the police that the girl was very intelligent and was a good student. Police are still investigating the case.





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