INDIA'S MOST WANTED " BANNED" in Dubai because of an offensive dialogue

INDIA'S MOST WANTED " BANNED" in Dubai because of an offensive dialogue.


INDIA'S MOST WANTED  starring Arjun Kapoor  is slated to release within a day He is in the lead role is about him forming a team to catch India's most dreaded terrorist, also called as India's Osama. The movie, like most other movies, was sent for screening in Dubai. However the country has rejected the release of their film there, based on a dialogue which is offensive to Dubai. The challenge comes when the actor has to face such a dangerous person without carrying any weapons. Will Arjun and his team be able to capture the terrorist and how forms the crux of the movie, which is slated to release this Friday.


The director of  INDIA'S MOST WANTED  "Raj Kumar Gupta" as the official spokesperson over this.  “Yes the film will not release in Dubai. There were some issues which could not be sorted and hence this decision,” adding, “Yes the said dialogue is there in the film and it is a factual one based on the research that has been conducted. So we did not want to do away with the dialogue and decided on retaining it in the film even if it entailed a non-release in Dubai.”


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