Fake Diwali Photo by NASA Goes Viral Again! Twitter Demands NASA to Release New Satellite Images of Diwali 2019


Fake Image of Diwali from a satellite (Photo Credits Twitter) Diwali is the festival of lights and everyone loves it, even NASA! Or maybe that's what Indians like to believe. A fake satellite image of India is still going viral where people are claiming it's a picture from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on a Diwali night.


The funny bit is that people circulate the same pictures every year and still believe it's real. Some of them are just India on a regular day and some pictures are from a survey on India's population over the years. But NASA does not post a picture of the festival every year. In 2012 NASA posted a picture of Diwali night and ever since, people have been passing fake pictures around, claiming it's taken from a satellite for the celebration of the festival.


We all know how Whatsapp is one of the reasons why fake news goes around so easily. People genuinely believe everything news they receive on the messaging app and this one is no different. Not only do people believe the fake snap, but they are also asking for a picture of this year's Diwali. While some are busy demanding a customary picture for this year, some people realize it's all fake and has been trolling the former group. Good to see the pictures have been busted by some.


The picture posted in 2012 has been long forgotten. All that's left are fake photos, pictures of the population growth and photoshopped pictures. Netizens would love a picture but more than that, they would like this to stop. This Diwali, don't forward the fake news!

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