Detection Of Third Positive Corona Case: State Government vamped up | Live News | The National TV

Coronavirus pandemic has led to the complete lock-down situation in the country. The same situation was prevailing in the state of Odisha, a third corona positive case have led to the growth of worries among the people of Odisha. The state’s authorities and the government after this, have vamped up its preventive measures so as to prevent the spreading of this deadly virus. The 21-day lockdown which had come in effect on March 25 has been severely tightened after the detection of the third positive case in the state.


A person of the capital city, Bhubaneshwar, was announced to have tested positive late this Thursday by the state health department. Previously the state had announced two positive cases on March 15 and 19 respectively. The emergence of this third case has again left the civilians baffled and stressed. The chief spokesperson of the state’s information, education, and communication, Subroto Bagchi had informed about the faster and recovering conditions of the corona patients. The third positive case has been found just yesterday, and the contact tracing of the patient leads to an astonishing number of the contact that leaves the government in anticipations of the rise in numbers of positive cases.


The spokesperson has clearly declared of 84000 immigrating to the state from other states and also, have advised the returnees to stay in self-quarantine. In accordance with the above situation, the state regulations and authorities are maintaining a strict and tightened lock-down situation throughout the state. With the third positive case, and the number of contacts, it is now a matter of time, how much would the number of positive cases rise in the state.




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