Couples with more than 2 children should not be allowed to vote, says Giriraj Singh

On July 11, Union Minister Giriraj Singh brought forth the alarming issue of overpopulation in India. He quite clearly favored with the venture of stopping the right to vote from the parents of more than two children.

"I hold the view that those who have more than two children should be stripped of their voting rights,”
Union Minister Giriraj Singh said
On World Population Day, BJP leader from Bihar, Mr. Singh posts the stats of population growth of India on his Twitter Handle. The stats showed that since independence, India has grown with an increase of 366%, while the US has raised with a rate of only 113%.
Mr. Singh, the Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, wrote in Hindi,
“In India, population explosion is disturbing the balance of economy, social harmony and resources. One of the reasons [for failure to check it] is dharmik vyavdhan [religious obstacles].
The blame of the blast of over population over India is many a times put on Muslims by several Hindu leaders.
Quoting an alarmist note, the Cabinet Minister warned,
“India appears to be heading like in 1947 towards another ‘sanskritik vibhajan’ [partition in the name of culture]. All political parties will have to come
forward for a birth control law.”
In Delhi, he told  some new channels that strong's majors are needed now with the over population which continues to grow.
“I hold the view that those who have more than two children should be stripped of their voting rights. And this provision must be applicable to all communities. No exemption should be made for any religious group just because it insists that its tenets disapprove of birth control measures,”
he said.
This notion of Mr. Singh was opposed by the opposition RJD Congress combine in the State.
Ram Chandra Purbe, Bihar RJD leader labeled this as a tactic of  " ochhi rajneeti " (petty politics). As to him this appeared a blame on the minorities for the hiked up population.
“From where does the Union Minister get such fanciful ideas? Can he point out any provision in the Constitution under which a person can be disenfranchised for having more than a specified number of children?”
 asked Congress MLC Prem Chandra Mishra
Mr. Singh has been known flaming for the controversy with his words aiming Muslims.
In the past also he has been seen making objectionable comments on Muslims in the Lok Sabha  election, because of which a case is triggered on his name for the same.

"Those who cannot say Vande Mataram or cannot respect the motherland, the nation will never forgive them. My ancestors died and were cremated at Simaria ghat and no grave was built for them but you [Muslims] need three hand spans of space [for burial],”
he told an election rally.
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