Security of Production
Security is not a product but a process. And to know the product through the process is an essential stage of security and assurance. These days customized products are in demand because everyone has different needs and every product needs to be improvised as per those needs to achieve the purpose. Many people wish to witness the formation of products in order to assure good quality and perfect result.
The security levels are always a crucial subject for everyone. Specially in the field of products, it’s crucial to the manufacturers and the producers. Since, the demand to analyze the formation of a product is increasing, the need to maintain security over the production section is also increasing. The need of the hour is perfection and customization, in order to achieve that security has to be top class.
Security of production refers to the security majors taken to safeguard the production section of an organization that could ensure the safety of the machinery being used and the product being formed. It helps in lightening the burden of stress that the producer holds on his/her shoulder. It generally comprises of supervision over the working areas and the workers.
Such moments of security occur mostly when the product bring manufactured is very valuable to a particular group of people like an airplane or jet for the government or armed forces, expensive cars like formula 1 etc. The security around such products are of high quality. Not only the outer region of the premises is supervised, rather the whole set up is being monitored inch by inch. It’s a very common fact that the higher the value of an item, the higher is the security.
The concerns to be noticed during security of production are as follows :-
  •  Outside people or strangers around the working area
  • Machinery and workers
  • Suspicious substances
  •  Abandoned objects
  • Unauthorized personnel
  • Other
These all concerns are kept in mind when dealing with security because things in front of our eyes could also be a threat to safety.
In order to achieve this type of security, mostly following measures are taken :-
  •  CCTV cameras
  • Alarms
  • Laser Rays
  • Human sensors
  • Object scanners
  •  Metal detectors
  • Machine check ups
  •  Checking of workers
  • Sign-in and out by everyone incoming or outgoing the area of concern.
There are even few obstacles that are encountered by the person in charge while handling this issue. Some of those obstacles are mentioned below :-
  • High quality requirements :- Everything needs to be of high performance yielding. The security, the camera, sensors, alarms and all because not even a 0.01% chance could be taken with valuable products.
  •  Presence of Mobile Elements :- The network sometimes get disrupted due to some elements or substances which causes loopholes in the systems many a times. Such loopholes could be of any extend, it could be as small as a non noticeable fault or as big as a process obstacle or system crasher. 
  •  Management of Complex scenarios :- The Management is well organized for the purpose of smoothly conducting every step of each process. Sometimes complex situations occur in the work area that are hard to understand and resolve. 
  •  Neutralizing unforeseen situations :- The one who takes actions at the right crucial hour is the one who gets the way out. Knowing the situation, understanding the circumstances and taking actions towards the right way is the best solution. 
All this occurs within the organization and all that the outsiders get to see or know is that a product is being manufactured. Supervising such complex processes and taking crucial steps are work of high risk and responsibility. And so, people mostly hire separate security managing organizations to deal with such situations and needs. The requirements are well fulfilled by the experts and so everyone wishes for the best.
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