Couple seen on CCTV, arrested for South Delhi triple murder.

On Saturday, in Vasant Vihar an elderly couple along with their house helper were found dead.Two days from the murder of three, police has now arrested a couple for the samw. Last night a 42 year old woman along with her live-in partner were arrested for the triple murder case.As per Crime Branch both the accused, Preeti Sehrawat and Manoj Bhat knew the murdered couple. On Sunday, Vishnu Kumar 80, his wife Shishi Mathur 75, with their housekeeper were found murdered at their Vasant Vihar apartment. Both the victims were retired government official. The housekeeper Khusbhoo Nautiyal, 24, was their attending nurse, and was staying with them. The police were called when neighbours noticed blood on the door of the house. After which the police started with the investigation. The clues of the alleged murderers were from the CCTV footage. The two suspects were seen moving in the house in the early hours of Sunday. The accused were wearing helmets to hide their faces.



After killing the elderly couple and nurse, the accused robbed the house. The nursing attendant was stabbed 35 times, said the investigators. She tried to save the couple failing in which, she was stabbed to death. Preeti was a close family friend of the couple. She plotted the plan of their murder with her live-in partner Manoj. Meanwhile, Manoj is accused of another murder case also. The police was earlier suspecting Khusbhoo for planing and plotting the murder, but which was dropped after the interrogation of the arrested couple. The couple have admitted that they murdered all three people in the apartment.​

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