Chennai welcomes train bringing water from Vellore

After suffering through the drought, Chennai finally is receiving some relief. A special train was sent from Vellore to Chennai, carrying 2.5 million litres of water. The train started its journey from Jolarpet in Vellore in on Friday morning and reached its destination by noon.

As per railway officials, the water input was started at around 1am at night, and the train was released for its travel at around 7:10 am.

The train was received by the state minister at the Villivakkam station in Chennai at around 12 pm.

The train first ran through a test run, starting from Mettu Sakura Kuppam pumping house to the filling station at Jolarpet. After the test run being successful, the train was flagged for the journey to Chennai.

The train had 50 wagons, each filled with 55,000 litres of water to help the citizens of Chennai suffering from severe water crisis.

K Palaniswami, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, made a public statement, saying that state government has planned for transporting 10 litres of water each day from Jolapettai to Chennai. To which he added a total of  65 crore has been sanctioned for the purpose.


Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board currently have an output of about 525 million litres daily in states capital. The numbers for sure will hitched up by the help coming from Jolarprttai.

The water crisis has been haunting Chennai for almost four months now. The four major reservoirs have also gone dry after serving city water now. Water supply has been sharply reduced by 200 million litres, each day. ​

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