Chennai's water scarcity effecting Metro rides

Water scarcity in Chennai makes the CMRL turn off the air-conditioners. Chennai is currently facing the scarcity of water  in the city, and its effects are now being seen on the metro train running through. Few days ago, the cooperation started shutting the ACs off in the underground stations. This was happening during the non-peak hours. It was said it is done in order to save water.

Commuters were complaining for  their suffocating rides. In the season of summer it's nearly impossible for the commuters to wait for metro, or sit on the stations.  The ACs earlier off at the stations but soon they were off in the metro trains also. Commuters travelling between airport and Washermenpet were seen wiping off  sweat, and dabbing their  faces with handkerchiefs. "Some of the AC ducts don’t blow any air into the trains. Earlier, trains were cooler than stations, now it’s become worse,” said Ranganathan, a commuter.
CMRL has been switching off the ACs between the bracket of noon to 5 p.m. Due to the scarcity of water  in the city, every possible major is being taken to cope up. Every underground metro station requires 9,000 liters of water each day, out of which 7,000 litre goes in the operation of the air-conditioner units. “We switch on the AC system once in an hour to make sure we maintain 26 deg C at both platform and concourse levels. By switching off, we are able to save around 30% of water at every station,” said an official.

Commuters find it relief when the breeze hits them on the entry points, but the stations and rides are suffocating, because of the lack of ventilation. In a release on Monday, CMRL official said they are gradually reducing air conditioners, but  only after ensuring proper ventilation, and oxygen level for the comfort of commuters. They also mentioned that the ACs work at their full capacity during the peak hours, between 4:30 A.M. to 11PM. “We ensure temperatures of 25 to 26 deg C is maintained in the trains. Every coach has two 41Kv AC units. Our units in trains have been working efficiently and has so far not reported any failure,” an official said.



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