Chennai drought gets worst, dead fishes washing the shores.

Tamil Nadu is currently survive through the worst ever drought. The shore of Tamil Nadu are getting washed with dead fish. The dead fish were seen on the Selva Chinthamani Lake in Coimbatore. The shores including the Selva Chinthamani Lake are dried because of the lack of rainfall which was worsened by the more than usual long heatwave.



The acute water crisis has been troubling the state for the past few months now. Chennai's Porur Lake, which is counted as a major water supplier got dried down to it lowest level. Along with this four other major lakes of Chembarambakkam, Pondi, Red Hills, and Sholavaram are almost dry making the situation even more scarce. The continuous depletion in the rainfall for two years have been the reason of dried up water bodies. This decline in rain has also resulted in ground water level. This summer is being considered as the worst till yet, because of which taps have gone dry in majority of the part of Tamil Nadu, including the city of Chennai. The citizens have been affected vividly.



People holding their plastic pots and waiting in queue can be said as the most common sight lately. The IT companies are also trying to fight against the issue by asking their employees for working from home only.



As  per the reports of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, the water bodies  the reservoirs -Cholavaram (full capacity 1,081 mcft) and Redhills (3,300 mcft) -- which cater to Chennai's water needs are dry while the storage at Poondi reservoir is 24 mcft as against the full capacity of 3,231 mcft.
In a recent report from the NITI Aayog it was mentioned that three rivers, four water bodies, five wetlands, and six forests have been completely dried up even after having better water resources and rainfall as compared to any other metro city.


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