Chances of Israel PM to visit India

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has planned to travel to India this September just a few days before the election that to happen. He was supposed to come this February to meet up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The meet was to have a bilateral talk with the two countries representatives. There has been rapid growth in the relationship between the two countries India and Israel. First, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel, and he was the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. And Mr. Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel also came for a visit to India on January 2018. The tight schedule caused by the election that was scheduled to happen on February on both the countries forced the Prime Ministers to postpone or delay the meet. During those election Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was victorious whereas the Israelite Prime Minister Netanyahu didn't build a coalition between the 120 members in Israel Parliament — Knesset due to this he declared for a fresh election.


The bilateral talks were on the defense issues, and also Mr. Netanyahu expects to make a proposal for India to align itself less with Tehran to join Israel and the United States to pressure regime there. Israel's envoy Ron Malka said in a tweet on Friday that Iran by promoting state-sponsored terrorism around the globe, it is the threat to regional and global peace & security. Even though India has given in to U.S. sanction of reducing its oil imports from Iran, it retains a strong relationship with the Iranian Government for its concern over the millions of Indian who are making out there living by working there. But still, it is not decided or informed formally that Prime Minister Netanyahu will come this September that is few days before the election that is going to happen in Israel.

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