BJP trolls Rahul Gandhi

Congress loss in the general election 2019 has become a great fodder of memes. With this Rahul Gandhi is not having a good time. The supporters of saffrron party have taken it to the internat to troll the pappu. Congress President Rahul Gandhi was scheduled for Press Conference at 10:15PM but he deferred to 1PM.


To this BJP did not hold back to take a dig at Rahul Gandhi. BJP tweeted "It seems Rahul Gandhi can't wake up in the morning. Party added that it is good that Press Conference was delayed as it is better not to spread lies in the morning.


Congress too lashed back to this twitter by saying " Morning, noon or night we'd be happy to hear ChorChowkidar give a press conference-that is, if he's able to."


With the moment of elections both the parties are slashing each other on internet

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