Are Exit Polls Reliable?

We all have eventually come across with the criticism of exit polls these days. But there are still many people who do not possess any kind of knowledge about exit polls. Basically exit poll is a survey of voters that is conducted immediately after the voting gets over. Exit polls ask the people which party did they actually voted for.This whole process is carried out by few organisations. Through this process the whole nation gets an idea about which party is going to rule for the next five years. Although the end answer is not always accurate but we gain an indication.



There has been widespread criticism with the results of exit poll this year. The biggest stumbling block in predicting exit polls is that the statistical technique adopted to conduct th information for exit poll is not at all correct. The sampling is done randomly. They don't adopt one particular way to collect and analyse the information gathered. 


In addition respondents often lie and give inacurate information which creates fluster among the people. They may get afraid of admitting their support due to societal situation or conditions. Also they can be afraid because of the majority of the opposition party. There can be many reasons for the same. Because of such happenings they take wrong calls and end up making wrong decisions most of the time.


Adding to this Rahul Gandhi too tweeted about exit polls by saying that congress workers should have confidence in congress and asked not to get disappointed with the fake exit polls.

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