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The examination is of course a very valid test of what we study and understand but, they are a nightmare for us, children. This is the name given to the method of assessing by the teachers as to what has been the net result of what they have taught us in turn month or the year. By this method, the teachers analyze which children have understood the subject and to what extent the knowledge imparted has been assimilated. So much is of course absolutely justified for, if we do any work the result of the effort put in, must be adjudged by the authorities, from time to time. The question that next arises are that when we realize that the process of examinations is quite right and justified then why do we get upset on the eve of the examination? The reasons for this are not far to seek. Children get upsets at the outset of examinations for two reasons that are very obvious.


The first reason is that most of us children do not study regularly. When the studies are to be taken up at the last moment they are a great burden. Obviously it is not possible for anyone of us to learn in one day what we were supposed to learn in the process of one month or so. Thus whatever that we learn at the nick of time has to become irksome and thus the nervousness.


When the time is short, it is imperative that the quality of the work goes down. The second reason for the nervousness of the children at the very name of the exam is that the exams become the measurement of our capacities, and we get categorized as good or bad students. This also brings in us a feeling of acute nervousness. This nervousness, in turn, results in bad work and bad results. These bad results bring in the children a fear of being branded as useless and thus the fear of the dreaded ogre, the examinations.


There have often been several discussions and debates on this very system of examinations but no feasible solution or alternative to the system has yet been found. The necessity of exams cannot be overlooked but, to make them less frightening for the children is the problem to be considered. What I feel is that, since exams are a must, we are the ones who can save ourselves of all the nervousness in entails. This we can do only if we study regularly throughout the year, and, what we do not understand, should not be just brushed aside but, clarified from the teacher.


This will reduce the burden and also give us confidence in the face of an exam. Once we have the necessary confidence, we will obviously not be nervous. Thus the solution to the problem is not the dispensing of the system of exams but it lies within us. Regular work and continued effort will make exams a pleasure and not a snare. I think till people who matter are able to evolve some other method os assessing our capacities, the solution lies in hard work and steady work, for steady hardworking always results in steady success.





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