5-star hotel serving minor liquor


5-star hotel's pub was raided, and a considrable  number of minors were found drinking liquor. Pub owner is chareged for letting the minors enter, and serving alcohol to them.


Privee pub, Shangrila Hotel was raided by a joint team of Delhi police and the Excise Department. The blitz happened pn early on Sunday between 2 A.M-3 A.M.  The pub had a crowd nof 600 party goers.
We got a tip that a large number of minors had entered and were served alcohol regularly at night in Privee pub in Shangrila Hotel,"
a senior police officer said.
 Amid which minors were also in  vicinty. Most of the minors were from South Delhi, and central Delhi, comig from bussiness families. They even struggled in showing their indentification cards, or documents.

A majority of the minors belonged to business families in central and south Delhi while others were from Gurugram and Noida,"
he said.
The authorities have locked the owner, and the manager. They are being charged of serving alcohol, and allowing minors to enter. 5 hukkah's were also found  in the club, which are illegal.
We have booked owner Manish Jain and Manager Rajeev Ranjan of Privee pub under the Excise Act. They were found entertaining minors below the age of 25 inside the pub. A majority of them have failed to show proper identity proof,"
he added.
The  club used to charge 4000 for entry of an individual  while 7500 for couple.

The raid is confirmed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police Madhur Verma .
Police have set teams  to suprise raid in all the 5 star hotels with active, and operational pubs in the Cannaught Place.


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