Why are Bodies Placed in Pyramids?


The bodies (mummies) placed at the height of the total height of the pyramids remain undeveloped to date. The flow of light, climate, and energy in the pyramid is balanced, due to which no object is distorted. People of ancient times knew this secret. That is why they used to make their tombs pyramidal and gave it such a grand shape that it would last for thousands of years.


The name of the ancient Egyptian emperor Akhatun is the Apabhramsha of Akshayyanoot in Sanskrit, which means the body remains intact and new. Thus pyramid learning is the science of immortality. By staying in the pyramid for some time every day, the person's old age stops.


Changes the quality of objects placed in pyramids?

According to experts, because of the shape of the pyramid is on the north-south axis, it is able to create an energetic environment inside itself by absorbing the known and unknown forces prevailing in the universe, living or dead, all kinds of roots and conscious Affects things.


Domestic pyramids began with the use of French scientist Mossier Boxi. It is believed that the properties of objects placed in any type of pyramid change in religion, that is, if any food item is placed in a pyramid of any kind, small, big, wooden, or just paper, its properties will change and that It will keep from rotting for a long time. This is why the ancient people kept the dead bodies of their families in the pyramids.


It is said for the experiment that good things can be achieved by placing the object inside the pyramid, which is about 2-3 inches from the base, in the middle of the pyramid. The pyramid has a magical effect on the things placed in the middle area inside the pyramid. This area is located in the middle of the pyramid at one-third of its total height.


Determining the correct direction of the pyramid is very important, so it is necessary to keep the pyramid in the north-south direction while using it. If the pyramid is not used in the right direction by mistake, then the person sitting in it may get a headache.


Medical experts doing research in this context say that the headache and toothache patients get pain-free when they are placed inside the pyramid placed in the right direction. Arthritis, gout, chronic pain are also overcome by the effect of the cosmic energy condensed in this structure. The study of the effect of pyramids on trees and plants has also revealed that keeping the same type of plants inside and outside the environment, they grow much faster inside the pyramid. Its energy waves have a subtle and intense effect on the growth of vegetation.


Drinking water inside the pyramid has been found to be somewhat liberating from digestive diseases. When this water is applied to the skin, it is beneficial in removing wrinkles. This water is also used to heal wounds quickly. On the other hand, there have been some experiments on meditators who sit inside the pyramid and meditate. It has been found that sitting inside it relieves stress easily and experiences new energy in the body.




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