18-year old burnt and stabbed to death by stalker


Faridabad: An 18 year old was killed on 17 May by a stalker who barged into house and brutally murdered her after torturing in multiple ways.


According to the police the stalker was a neighbour who had been keeping an eye on her and police has accounted exact details from his confessions “ The stalker unclothed the teenager,grabbed her by the hair bashing her head in the wall hitting her head with a pan and bat.


Police told The Print that the crime has been confessed by the accused detailing exact actions and he also admitted that he was stalking the victim. “He has confessed that he wanted to befriend the girl. It is a clear case of one-sided obsession,” said Yogvendra, the station house officer of the area ThePrint reported.


“The deceased girl had clearly declined his offer for any kind of friendship or love. There is no evidence of any kind of telephonic contact between the two,” he added.


The accused has been identified Akash, who was victim’s neighbour for years and is in his early 20s. It has been reported that he had been keeping an eye on victim’s house observing who comes and when ,and at what time she leaves and returns.


The victim was alone at her home,her brother was at school and both of her parents were also at work.


According to police, the accused entered into house after seeing an opportunity when the gate was open and the girl came outside to fetch water from the delivery guy and hid inside her home. On confrontation he immediately blindfolded her and tried to unclothe her. In the struggle both his mask and blindfold came off and brutality intensified.  He tortured her for three hours with gruesome assault


followed by brutal hits on the head with a bat and used a blade to lacerate her skin at 60-70 places with several other tools such as a scissors,screwdriver and knife to brutally torture the girl.


“Knives were heated on the gas and were used to lacerate her body. He tortured my daughter for three hours,” the victim’s father said.


A neighbour also reported that after the crime the accused was seen roaming in area for about half an hour.


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