17 year old murdered a Tik Tok star


A 17- year- old juvenile was apprehended by the Delhi police on Thursday, for allegedly murdering a gym trainer who was also a Tik-Tok star.


The police received a tip about the accused on Thursday, that the accused can be rounded in Dwarka, where he will be meeting his partners. Later a trap was set up by the police to undertake the accused along with his associates. The accused was a resident of Najafgarh, who killed a 27-year-old gym trainer. The juvenile was apprehended at 4:10 on Thursday from Dhulsiras Mor near Dhulsiras Village in Dwarka.


The victim, Mohit Mor used to live in Bahadurgarh, he was a gym trainer by profession, also was famous for his Tik-Tok videos.He had lakhs of follower on the social networking site- Instagram. He was shot dead  by 3 unidentified individuals who came riding a scooter, as told by Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, the Deputy Commissioner Police ( special cell). As the investigation was proceeding, the police got the tip-off of the accused's whereabouts. The trap was set up near the Golf-Course road, Dwarka.


The accused killed More because of some personal reasons. He came in contact with Sandeep a month ago, and recited his want of joining their gang, and becoming a member of it. Furthermore, Sandeep contacted juvenile on Tuesday and told him to visit him at Bahukhandi Road near Dhansa Stand. Vikas and Malik were already there. Sandeep handed them over three country made pistols, along with which he also gave them the address of Mor. The three were riding a scooter when reached  the shop where Mor was present, they fired 13 rounds of bullets on him, and shot him dead after which they fled. The crime took place at Lokesh documents centre, Shani Mandir Road in Najafgarh.


The motive behind this was a Mangu who was already murdered invested 30 lakhs in a plot through Mor, who denied returning the money to Mangu's friend after his death. Mor forseked protection from Manjeet Mahal gang through Pradeep Solanki and Vikas Dalal.


After Dalal's death, Mango's friends again demanded More to return his money, which he again denied. And for the revenge of same Sandeep decided to plan Mor's murder. ​

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