'Govt. will implement NRC countrywide'- Amit Shah


The National Register of Citizen of India has by far sparked a lot of debate with a section of population terming it as having the potential of bringing a Holocaust like situation in India. A lot of people from Assam were excluded from the final list thus granting them the status of illegal immigrants. 


Amidst this, the ministers from NDA have made a statement of how they will apply NRC to every state. Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India recently made a statement on how the current government is planning to implement the NRC in every state as it is not restricted to Assam. He said that it is National Register of Citizen and not Assam's register. He gave the example of how other countries use this method to check illegal immigration in check. 


NRC is problematic in every way where people who have been living in the land for as long as 40 years are termed as illegal immigrants. Many people are left homeless in their own homes. 

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