Scents that transform your mood & productivity

Our strongest senses are smell & at its best able to influence the brain activity.


Olfactory bulbs in the limbic system help us to sense the smell immediately. There is a saying that smell has the power to trigger your memory & reminds us of something or someone. Essential oils help improve job performance & health. Essential oils have anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties & this way of improving your mood, productivity & physical health is called aromatherapy. Scents that can improve mood & productivity


Lemon has calming effect & clarifying properties & is very helpful when you're feeling angry & anxious. Lemon can cure sore throats & cold by boosting the immune system, improves the circulation, creates a healthy & positive environment.


Lavender oils are used to treat headache, migraine, & has a soothing effect on nerves & controls stress. Also, it has the power to cure restlessness, insomnia, depression, reduce anxiety, boosts energy, used to treat menstrual pain, eczema & nausea. Also, lavender oils combat the fungal infections & gives relief from toothaches, sores & sprains, when applied to hair promotes hair growth & stops hair fall.


Rosemary fights against physical exhaustion, headaches, mental fatigue & improve brain function. Rosemary can also be used externally to relieve muscle aches & pains. Rosemary oils reduce stress, helps you to recover from mood swings & insomnia.


You can try peppermint when your mind feels low, also promotes concentration, stimulates clear thinking, relieves from tension headaches, migraines & improves your sleep. Also cures digestive problems, acts as mosquito repellent & cures inflammation of the mouth.


Cinnamon fights against mental fatigue, improve concentration & focus also cures infections, rashes & acne, enhances blood circulation, its antioxidant properties helps to slow the look of aging. Cinnamon oil reduces the symptoms of cold & flu such as nasal congestion & sore throat.


Jasmine has good aroma & stimulates good mood on you. It helps in calming your nerves & give a feeling of confidence, optimism & revitalizes your energy. Jasmine oil is a powerful relaxant which induces sleep, prevent skin from dryness & does not let clogging of pores.

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