Nina Rouge by Nina Ricci

In 2006, Nina Ricci launched Nina as a romantic scent. The scent was said to be as dreamy as a fairy tale. The classic apple-shaped bottle is a reinterpretation of the Fille d'Eve by Lalique. This new version of the bottle comes with a modernized twist.

"As irresistible as a forbidden fruit ... already bitten into."

It's just not the bottle which is new yet old, the scent is the same. With Nina Rouge, the label is bringing back their signature of the scent of caramelized apple smelling as red and sparkly as it looks. The scent this time bolder. The transparent bottle splashed with bright red.The stable scent of this fashion house, Nina is a floral, fruity and citrusy scent. However, Nina Rouge is structured as a floral. Perfumer and creator of Nina Rouge, Olivier Cresp sign the scent as

"excessively, overwhelmingly, radically gourmand,"Olivier Cresp has been collapsing and designing the famous scent for Mansion Nina Ricci from long back.

The top notes are fresh and acidic with the hints of raspberries, which also make it a very breezy scent. With lightly spiced ginger flower and facets of gardenia with velvety, almost creamy accords, the heart is structured. As the base, bourbon vanilla and crunchy caramel are incorporated. The base gives Nina rouge its mild and unique signature.

Top notes -     Raspberry, citron

Heart notes - Gardenia, ginger flower

Base notes -   Bourbon vanilla, caramel.

Dutch model, Estella Boersma who was also the face of  Nina, continues with the label. Nina Rouge is given the face of Estella again.Nina Ricci Nina Rouge is available in three variants of 30ml, 50ml, and 80ml Eau de Toilette.


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