Best places to visit in Delhi in summers 2019

Delhi: New Delhi's scrorching heat is in discussion these days. The heat is too unbearable to laze around in the capital city. But, will this stop the travel lovers to ramble around? Definitely not! Here is a good news for all the travel buffers! Following is a complete list of top five places that one can visit in Delhi-NCR even on the hot summer days of Delhi.



  1. ICE SKATING- What's better than being surrounded by ice in the heartaching heat? DLF Mall in Noida has Ski India in which one can involve in activities like skiing, sledging, ice skating, snow boarding and tobogganging that too at a minimal fee. One can spend hours waking up the kid inside and playing in the coolest ambience in Delhi-NCR.
  2. WATER PARKS- One can find innumerable dream like theme parks in the capital city. Spending the day in water playing water games and water rides while swimming is definitely a remedy to fight heat. Water parks like Kingdom of Dreams and World of Wonder offer a fun pack experience worth remembering. 
  3. MUSEUMS- Delhi is a city in which one may find India's best museums ranging from the National Museum, Rail museum, Planatorium, National Handicraftys Museums, Doll Museum, National Gallery of Modern Art etc. Indulge in learning new things and exploring our tradition at the  museums with family to enjoy fun with learning.
  4. HAUZ KHAS- Hop into lounges, cafes and bars at Hauz Khas Village which is probably the most lovable place for the folks of Delhi. Go for a monument trotting in the evening to discover the beautiful historical history of India alongside of a serene lake. One secret tip, you'll probably get the best candid pictures at this place :)
  5. ICE BAR- As the name itself implies, the bar is made up of ice. Amazed? You should be! No matter how hot it is outside, everything you find inside the bar is ice made, be it furniture, interior, or even the glasses in which drinks are served. Step into the City Square Mall to find the extraordinary bar. The place not only cools you up but also gives you a stunning and stupefying experience which nobody other than a Delhite would experience. Cheers to that!
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