155 Indian Companies created New Jobs in America


It is reported that 155 Indian companies have invested approx amount of 22 Arab Dollars, which is 1.6 lakh crores in America. Apart from this, Indian companies have also provided employment to about 1.25 lakh people in different parts of America. These statistics is provided by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), which also tells us that in states like New Jersey, Texas, California, Illinois, and Georgia, Indian companies will hire people from American states. 83% of Indian companies are active in the USA which will hire more Americans, providing employment to them in the next 5 years. It is also reported that 77% of the Indian firms will invest more capital into the US, in the next 5 years.


Some of the sectors where these investments went through are pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, aerospace and defense, financial services, manufacturing, tourism, and hospitality. American states in which Indian companies have given employment are Texas - 17,578 jobs, California - 8,271 jobs, New Jersey - 8,057 jobs, New York - 6,175 jobs, and Florida with 5,457 jobs. Indian companies that invested maximum amount in dollars in different states of America includes Texas - 9.5 Arab Dollars, New Jersey - 2.4 Arab Dollars, New York - 1.8 Arab Dollars, Florida - 91.5 crore dollars, and Massachusetts - 87.3 crore Dollars. Hoping that US Govt and immigration policymakers in the US observe the advantages they can get, by inviting more and more Indians into their country.





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