World's Most Mysterious Plant- Remove 36 Kinds Of Diseases

Friends have always heard that if you want to take knowledge of something, then full knowledge should be taken because half-incomplete knowledge is not beneficial for anyone. Just like in Ayurveda too many things have been told about which People do not have complete knowledge and do not take full advantage of Ayurvedic things Friends, today we are going to tell you about a plant that no one has told you about to date. Can eliminate diseases completely. Friends, the name of this plant is extreme. Friends, let us know that in which diseases you can use this plant in which way?


Frequent urination: If you take the powder of the bark of the root of a hyperbola with sugar, you get rid of the disease of frequent urination. 

Gingivitis: Make a decoction of leaves of Atibala and rinse 3 to 4 times daily. Gum swelling and loosening of the gums are eliminated by daily use. 

Wet cough: Make an equal quantity of decoction by taking equal quantity, extreme, large, vasa leaves, and grapes. Mixing 14 to 28 millimeters of it with 5 grams of sugars and taking it twice a day cures wet cough. 

Diarrhea: Mixing leaves of Atibala (comb) in native ghee and drinking it twice a day provides relief in diarrhea caused by bile. 

Bleeding with urine: Drinking 40 ml decoction of the root of Atibala in the morning and evening stops bleeding of urine.

Piles: Make a decoction by boiling the leaves of Atibala in water and mixing it well. Drink an appropriate amount of palm jaggery in this decoction. It is beneficial in piles. 

If there is pain in the stomach: Drinking milk with milk mixed with hyperbola, vertebrate, Kateri, lacquer, and dry ginger will be beneficial in stomach pain due to bile. 

Diabetes: By taking a decoction of leaves or root of Atibala, urinary disease (gonorrhea) is cured. Take 40 ml in the morning and evening. Taking 4 to 8 grams of its seeds daily is beneficial. Make the body powerful: If there is less strength in the body, eating the seeds of Atibala and eating it increases the strength in the body.




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