Why Does the Wife Sit on the Left Side of Her Husband?


Often you have seen that during the marriage, the wife is asked to sit on the left side of the husband's vamang. Elders also often say that the wife should sit on the left side of the husband, but do you know why this is so? Let us tell you the reason Why does the wife sits on the left side of the husband? According to beliefs, the male is born from the right-wing of Brahma, and the female is born from the left-wing, hence women are considered to be the left part of the Vamangi i.e. husband. At the same time, according to astrology, the left of women and the right of man is considered auspicious. This is what the wife is asked to do to the left of the husband during marriage. When does the wife sit on the right side? However, in Hinduism, in the predominant male religious ceremonies, the wife sits towards the right side of the husband.


Whereas the woman sits on the left side of the husband during major religious functions. Which side does the wife sit at the time of sindurdan It is said in Sanskar Ganapati that the wife should remain on the left side while sinduradan while eating, sleeping, and serving. At the same time, there is a belief that a wife should remain on the left side while doing earthly tasks i.e. deeds which are cosmic, like blessings and spreading the feet of a Brahmin. While the wife should sit to the right of the husband while performing Kanyadaan, marriage, Yajna Karma, Puja, or any religious work. What is right-left rotation?


Lord Shiva was also called Ardhanarishwar because the woman was born from his left part. This form of God is the message that a man is incomplete without a woman and a woman is without a man. Lord Shiva gets angry According to Shivpuran, when Lord Shriram was exiled for 14 years, Goddess Sati had taken the form of Mother Sita, but Lord Ram recognized Mother Sati. But Lord Shiva gets angry when Goddess Sati Kailash returns. He says that it is an insult to test my deity. With this, you too have lost your right to be a Vamangi.




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