The Weirdest Guinness World Records

The Guinness Book of Record are some things that we tend to all are keen on since our childhood, you get to examine the weirdest, wildest and coolest things during this book. We’ve all reached out for this book a minimum of once in our life and wouldn’t mind selecting it up once more to kill your time in a very great way. This superb book was supported in London, and also the terribly 1st 198-page edition was printed in August 1955. Yes, The Guinness Book of Records is simply that old!


And that year itself it blew up and was the bestseller in kingdom. the subsequent year, it had been launched within the U.S. and it sold seventy,000 copies. It had currently been sixty five years since it had been 1st printed. Let’s list the Weirdest Guinness Records.


1. The foremost elastic Skin

Garry Turner, a British man contains a rare medical condition referred to as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome thanks to that he will stretch his abdomen skin to six.25 inches. this is often a connective-tissue disorder thanks to that the scleroprotein becomes faulty, and also the aspect effects embody, the loosening of the skin and hyper-mobile joints.

2. The foremost piercings ever

Elaine Davidson, Brazilian, got her terribly 1st piercing in Gregorian calendar month 1997 and she or he didn’t stop ever since. She wont to own a building and currently she has been pieced for a complete of four,225 times, back in 2006. The Guinness World Records web site says that she keeps adding new jewellery, primarily on her face, she additionally loves adding tattoos, makeup, and even feathers to her hair.

3. Longest Distance Keeping a Table raised With Teeth

Georges name WHO is from Luxembourg ran a length of thirty eight feet and eight inches whereas he was carrying a 26-pound table — and high it off a 110-pound lady was sitting thereon as well! — by his mouth, this happened in Madrid, Spain, on Feb nine, 2008. quote sturdy teeth!

4. Longest Metal Coil knowledgeable the Nose and Out of the Mouth

Creepy, i do know however this is often a great deal real. saint feminist, a entertainer from urban center, concluded up passing Metal Coil knowledgeable the Nose and Out of the Mouth with a length of eleven feet, 10.91 inches in March 2012.

5. Longest hair

Ram Singh Chauhan’s hair is that the longest within the world, that stands at fourteen feet. His facial hair was measured in Rome, Italy, on March 4, 2010.

6. Largest assortment of Rubber Ducks

Charlotte Lee from the U.S. has around five,631 totally different rubber ducks, as recorded in 2011, she has been aggregation since 1996. you'll see what proportion she loves these rubber ducks.

7. Largest assortment of Garden Gnomes and Pixie

Ann Atkin, From England, contains a “Gnome Reserve” of four-acres, She has 2,042 gnomes and pixies, as of March 2011.

8. Largest bushy Family

A family of four, the Gomez family, spanning 5 generations in United Mexican States, all of them suffer from a rare condition that’s referred to as innate generalized hypertrichosis. during this condition, you've got excess facial hair and body part hair. ladies have a lighter coat of hair whereas men have thick hair on ninety eight of their bodies. Larry and Danny perform in a very Mexican Circus. Scientists square measure finding out the complete family to work out the genetic reason behind CGH.

9. Longest Kiss Ever

Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, the couple, from Asian country, for them love has crossed another level — setting the record of a kiss at fifty eight hours, 35 minutes, and fifty eight seconds. They won at a Ripley’s Believe it or Not event on Feb 12-14, 2013. They got a money prize and even 2 diamond rings!

10. Most toothpicks control in a very single beard

The world record for many toothpicks in a very beard is three,500, and this achievement was achieved, on seven July 2018, by Joel Strasser from Washington, USA. It took Joel three hours and thirteen minutes to with success place all three,500 toothpicks in his beard. Before Joel, this record was control by Jeff Langum WHO had managed to suit three,157 toothpicks in his beard.

11. Farthest arrow shot victimisation feet

The farthest arrow shot victimisation the feet is control by Bretagne Walsh from USA. Bretagne shot the arrow twelve.31 m (40 linear unit four.64 in) so much at Portland, USA in March 2018. She could be a gymnastic archer and a hand reconciliation creative person and performs at circus and theater. She has been competitive in sport and playing in circus since 2005.


Did you recognize that the Guinness book of world records was created to function a reference work for subsiding taphouse arguments? This was thought to be an excellent thanks to promote Guinness still product in pubs. The primary edition was printed for fifty,000 copies in Gregorian calendar month 1995 and by Gregorian calendar month 1995 it became one among the bestselling books within the kingdom.




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