Top 5 Most Haunted Prisons

Imagine exploring a place where someone was once beaten, tortured, and executed-- were lost souls wander the halls terrorizing trespassers, where you can still hear the cries and whispers of the dead-- there would be no way I would be able to do that, but if you want to experience that for yourself, just go to an abandoned prison. There are hundreds of them around the world, all with dark and eerie pasts. Top 5 abandoned prisons, that should not be explored, so don't think about going there and exploring them. Starting off this countdown we have:


1. Eastern State Penitentiary: built-in 1829, Eastern State Penitentiary was known for housing, some of the biggest criminals such as Al Capone, the conditions in this prison weren't the best. Prisoners were kept in complete solitude seeing nobody else besides the guards, whenever they would leave their self, guards would cover their head so that they couldn't see anyone else, and no one could see them. That alone would drive them insane, but they didn't stop there. the guards would often torture the inmates by soaking them in cold water and then letting them dry outside during the wintertime, the prison closed in 1971 and now apparently the ghosts of the prisoners haunt the wall, seeking revenge of the guards. 


2. Atlanta prison farm: the Atlanta prison farm, also known as the honor farm first opened its doors in around 1918, the plan for this prison was for criminals to work off their sentences, by doing labor work, this was only for the prisoners that were deemed trustworthy enough. In fact, they really believe that this would be a solid plan. So, there was hardly any security, however, it didn't turn out to be such a good idea. There were a lot of gangs at this prison; which resulted in a lot of prisoners getting hung and killed. The prison closed its doors in 1995, but in October of 2009, a fire burned a large section of the prison, firefighters didn't even care at all, they didn't try to even attempt to extinguish the fire-- now arranged the prison is badly vandalized and pictures of the inside show that it's not the safest place to visit.


3. Hm pentridge prison: Her Majesty's prison pentridge or hm prison pentridge was an Australian prison established in 1851. Now the problem with this prison was that it was meant to hold 650 prisoners and only 100 guards, but soon the prison became overcrowded with thousands of prisoners, in fact, a large percentage of the prison population died inside the prison. It was due to monthly stabbings, bludgeoning, and bashing the prison closed on May 1, 1997, due to a bunch of riots and scandals. But because so many people died there, they actually had to bury them on the prison's ground. Over the years bones of the prisoners have been found in and around the prison, so I suggest not going there unless you want to assemble parts of human remains.


4. Moundsville Prison: Moundsville West Virginia penitentiary was built in 1876, and it looks a lot like a medieval fortress, but this prison wasn't designed to hold a lot of inmates, they each were meant to have their own five by a seven-foot cell that's extremely small, but eventually overcrowding became an issue, and up to three inmates were placed in one cell to run super small bunk beds, while the others slept on a mattress on the floor by the toilet, the conditions, weren't the best, that's for sure. Before the prison was abandoned in 1995, a lot of deaths and carry out there, 85 were harmed and 9 were electrocuted. This person saw the worst of the worst criminals one of the more notable inmates with hairy powers the lonely hearts killer, but he would use this newspaper ads to lure lonely women to him without saying that he was looking for love and marriage-- but instead, he would rob and kill them.


5. Old Essex County Jail, located in New Jersey this jail was built in 1937 and has a very creepy Victorian style to it over the time the prison expanded and had its own cafeteria, hospital, auditorium, and gallows in the yard to hang the murderers, the prison closed in 1970, and now is deemed very unsafe to trespassers, some of the floors are at risk for caving in at any scale, plus the walls are not covered and creepy vandalism and graffiti, and enrich files are now scattered all over the floor of the auditorium, along with empty, tear gas containers and shotgun gels.




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