The unusual Prime Minister who is winning hearts online

The image of a Prime Minister is quite similar in our minds. We took him or her as the epitome of leadership skills, sharp vision and true statesmanship. Regular appearances in public places are very rare, given certain events in which the presence is a must. But here is a Prime Minister who is as ordinary and as normal as we are. Meet Prime Minister Lotay Tshering, who continues to amuse us with his down to earth attitude and love for hard work. As for most of the Prime Ministers who are in the service of maintaining the administrative and the governance of a country, Mr Lotay, of Bhutan is one of the most sought doctors even though he was elected as the Prime Minister last year.

On Saturday’s he loves to spend hours helping and operating on patients referred to him. In one of his interviews, he said “I shall continue doing it till I die and I miss not being able to be here every day.’’  

He is also of the view that running the country and treating his patients is quite similar. Like in hospital he uses to scan his patients and in the government, he uses to scan the strength of the policies and try to implement them in a better way.

Tshering had travelled to most of the countries starting from Bangladesh, Japan to Australia and the US. He has also been appointed by King Jigme Khesar Namgyei Wangchuck to lead a team of doctors to the far- flung villages to provide free medical services.


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