Smartphones Vs. DSLRs : Camera comparison which is better

Mgk Nowadays the camera performance in smartphone technology becoming more and more advanced in each and every update.

DSLRs: Camera comparison which is better.

If you are considering a camera for professional usage then there are a lot of smartphones can do that job better than earlier. However, the image quality in DSLR is slightly better than when compared to smartphones. That being said, a DSLR offers significantly more functionality. 


The latest smartphones contain more than one camera setup. The thripple camera setup is the latest among it after the dual camera setup used in the earlier smartphone technology. Simply which means that more sensors can do a better job when taking pictures. Other advantages include better dynamic range, digital zoom capabilities, blur effects, and more. But when comparing smartphone camera with DSLRs then there are a lot of limitations for a smartphone camera.


The main important points are For professional photography higher Shutter speed (say 1/2000s,1/3000s) are not possible in smartphones Aperture is a fixed in the cause of a Smartphone where as in a DSLR the aperture can be customizable (f/0.8-f/25) and better for different conditions Sensitivity to light ISO can be Customisable in DSLR for wide ranges(50-12800) and it is limited to smartphones Zooming can be customizable in the cause of a DSLR and adjustable using suitable lenses(18-55,55-300) but for a Smartphone it is limited and there are only software zoom is present DSLR offers significantly more functionality. If you want to take your photography to the next level, there’s really no comparison. But it not means that Smartphones cameras is not bad it also good for normal uses and DSLRs better for professional uses

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