6 Signs Your Partner is Your Best Friend


They speak the truth when they say that one of the most therapeutic things in the world is friendship. It’s also no lie when they say that one of the most beautiful things you could possibly experience in this life is love.


So imagine just how great it would be if you could actually find both love and friendship in the person. The obvious answer is yes; that would be absolutely amazing. That’s why some people are considered to be really lucky whenever the people they fall in love with also happen to be their best friends.


You might even have this kind of experience for yourself and you don’t even know it. If you happen to be in a relationship with someone who also happens to be your best friend, then you need to make sure to treasure that. You want to make sure that you don’t take that fact for granted. You want to make sure that you cherish that relationship because it truly is one of a kind.


If you want to know whether you have that kind of relationship or not, then just try to see if a lot of the following signs happen to apply to you:

1. You always feel so comfortable and at ease with one another

You always feel so comfortable with each other whenever you’re together. You never have to deal with any awkward moments. You never have to feel like you have to suppress who you are. You never feel compelled to censor yourself or mask your true emotions.

You are always free to just be who you really are whenever the two of you are together. You never have to worry about feeling judged or criticized for being your true and genuine self.


2. You joke around with each other

You feel so free to just joke around with one another. Sure, you always make sure to take your relationship seriously. You never want your partner to feel like you take them for granted. You want to make sure that they know that you’re always willing to fight for this relationship with all of your might.

But you also make sure that they know that you don’t take this relationship TOO seriously. You always feel like you can just joke around with one another to maintain positive energy in your relationship.


3. You don’t really consider it a big deal to have fights and arguments

You feel perfectly comfortable having a few fights and disagreements in your relationship with one another. You feel really fine with just having a few arguments every so often. You are so secure in your relationship that you know that you always have what it takes to overcome any kind of disagreement. And you also know that the two of you love one another enough to actually try to meet each other halfway whenever you have disagreements.


4. You never run out of anything to say to each other

You never really run out of anything to say to one another. You and your partner are always free to talk about anything and that’s why you never really come up short with trying to extend conversations and discussions that you have as a couple.


5. You hang out with each other’s group of friends

You feel perfectly comfortable with merging and sharing social circles. You are just able to relate to one another so much that you share similar tastes in people. You find it easy to merge social circles because you like the same kinds of people anyway.


6. You consider them to be your biggest support system

You know you can always turn to your partner for support whenever you are going through the absolute toughest times of your life.

You know that you can always rely on them to push you forward even when you no longer believe in yourself. They are always telling you that you have what it takes to find success in this life even when all the odds are practically stacked against you.




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