Why Should We Respect Our Own Culture ?


Culture, tradition, attitude, and system differ from country to country basing on their geographical location and socio-cultural way of life. Though we all are human still we differ in look, skin, colour, flooding and many things and these differences at least luckily are not man-made rather decided by the geography. In other words, our system and values are the priceless product of geography. As geography differs so do we along with our culture, tradition, attitude, system, values and the very most importantly our way of living. Truly logical, geography differentiates the culture of one country from the other and there is no place for the second opinion here in this context. It is no surprise at all that the culture of one country is unacceptable and ridiculous for the other, for example, the American and the British call everybody irrespective of his or her age by name which is offensive, distasteful and highly objectionable from an Indian point of view because our culture gives priority to age factor.


In other words, we address younger ones by name and for older ones we either use sir, madam, or a term based entirely on relation and if someone disrespects this deeply rooted culture he or she is highly criticized, looked upon with disdain and educated people don't even hesitate to call him as uncivilized. As our culture is as ancient as the mountain it is our sole duty and responsibility to preserve and to abide by this and any deviation however worthy that maybe is strictly viewed. It is absolutely intolerable for any older persons to be addressed by the younger ones by name. While at Bangalore, once I had the bitter and unfortunate incident of being addressed by a young man, a software engineer in a renowned corporate company, who was five years junior to me in college called me in my first name without using the word brother after it and what was compulsory for them to call in college days from my backside and I was stunningly hurt. I was slightly upset and a little angry.


During the conversation, I told him," What kind of respect is this that you are calling your senior by name absenting brother after it? He placed his point of the story and told me that in the corporate office where he works there are many Europeans and Americans who are quite being happy called in their names as this is their culture and even the Indian boss tells all to call everybody by names irrespective of age. He felt guilty and said," Sorry brother serving there for long times I have picked up this bad habit ". I exhaled a heavy and burdensome breath and said, " Oh" because who was I to lecture him on our invaluable Indian culture whereas his Havard University English educated Indian boss compels them to go deadly against his own culture and if I teach that young man the sweetness of our culture what I am proud of, in other words, I must be telling him to rebel against his boss which literally will be fatal for his corporate job. So I did think of a golden mean. I did not want to leave that young engineer without teaching a lesson on culture.


Dear Mr Software Engineer ", I said, " After listening to your corporate boss' self-styled and innovative cultural way of life I drew the conclusion that you shouldn't go against commonsense by practising our Indian culture there in your office because by doing this you will invite his wrath and be on the verge of losing your job. So, my dear, you practise your boss' a new way of understanding culture in your so called corporate office but outside it you are by God's decree bound to practise and respect unconditionally our age old, sweet and beautiful Indian culture. He addressed me in my first name adding the only seven letters word brother after it, the absence of what had caused all the trouble, and left like a contented man whose confusion, illusion and discomfort ability have been over after getting the teaching of the great Buddha. Everyone has a right to respect his own culture and so have we. Any kind of great logic book of the planet will tell it to be sheer stupidity to follow American culture in India and vice versa.


The problem with the Indian boss was that he was smart, highly educated, tactful, active, resourceful but unfortunately unwise and uncivilized. Was he intelligent, he must have followed the popular dictum " While in Rome, do what the Romans do," but not, he preferred the distasteful and unacceptable wrong way of practicing American culture in India which is unwelcome? Adolf Hitler could strengthen devastated Germany after the first world war within a few years' time because he upheld the ancient culture, tradition and values of the German people. A country develops when its people are possessive and proud of their culture, unlike the corporate boss. It is high time we respected our culture and smart and intelligent enough to follow the Romanian dictum because this is the need and demand of the hour. Any deviation from this will lead to a culture nowhere.



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