PM Modi's enthusiastic goal of universal access of internet till 2022

The government is passionately working to improve the Internet connectivity by implementing ' DIGITAL INDIA' mission with a grave vision to transform India into a digitally- empowered society and to acquire a great knowledge. For the universal internet access by 2022 Indian government is striving and working very hard by highlighting the challenges in building broad networks in rural areas.


Ajit Pai the Chairman of Federal Communications Commission said that to meet these targets they are pursuing by installing 2 million public Wi-fi hotspots in various rural areas, Pai even says that there are still millions of Indians and Americans consist of areas where there is currently no private sector to build broadband networks. In India states like Assam, Uttarakhand anda Karanataka don't have access. Pai also said that "Am looking forward to work with Indian and Americans in upcoming days to connect and secure the digital future of the United State and India,the two good friends and strong allies."

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