Interesting Paradoxes

Interesting Paradoxes

Have you ever heard of the word “Paradox”? The paradox is a statement that is contradictory and has no right or wrong to it. 


Following are some of the famous paradoxes:


  1. Now look at the following two statements: The next statement is false. The previous statement is true. This is a paradox. Wonder why? If you read the first sentence carefully then it says that the next statement is false. Now you read the next sentence and it says that the previous statement is true. So if we assume that what the second statement is saying is true then the claim that the previous statement is true has to be true but the previous statement says that the next statement is false so again we know that the next statement cannot be false. This may sound confusing but if you think about it clearly then you will understand that it does not make any sense.


  1. Pinocchio: We have all heard of the story of Pinocchio. Whenever he says any lies then his nose starts growing. Now imagine a scenario when Pinocchio says “My nose will grow now”. There are two possibilities: Either the nose will grow or it will not grow. Let's analyze both of them. If it grows then the statement which he said would become true so the nose should not have grown in the first place. Now if the nose did not grow then the statement which he said became true so the nose should not have grown. Now you can see that both the possibilities we have considered and none of them match. Hence this is also a paradox.


  1. Grandfather Paradox: Imagine you somehow obtain a time machine. Now you go in the past and kill your grandfather. This seems absurd because if your grandfather is dead in the past then he would not have given birth to your father and if your father did not exist then he would not have given birth to you.





  1. Unstoppable Object vs Immovable object: What would happen if an unstoppable object clashes with an immovable object head-on. There can be two cases. One is that they both will start moving but that cannot take place since the other object is unstoppable. The other case is that both of the objects will stop which is also not true because the object is unstoppable. So none of the cases can be true therefore it is a paradox.

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