Interesting Facts about GOLD

There is no one without knowing about gold. It is one of the precious and rarest metal which we use today and is mainly used in ornaments which we wear especially in a wedding or any family functions. Let's know more interesting facts about it.


1)Gold is the only metal which is yellow or golden in colour.

2)Nearly all gold on earth came from meteorites that crashed on earth almost a billion years ago. Which means gold came from outer space.

3)Gold is also used electronics, electrical wiring, dentistry, medicine, radiation shielding and to colour glass.

4)High purity metallic gold is odourless and tasteless. It relatively unreactive and resists degradation.

5)There is more steel created per hour than there is gold dug up throughout history. Which makes gold one of the rarest metal.

6)Gold is extremely ductile and malleable. It is also a gold conductor of electricity.

7)Gold can be found on all seven continents beneath the earth. It is believed that around 80% of gold is still buried underground.

8)Two-thirds of the world's gold come from South Africa and India is the largest consumer of the gold.

9)Small traces gold have been found in eucalyptus. The total amount of gold ever mined in the world can fit into just 3 Olympic swimming pool.


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