Incredible benefits of having a Pet will make you Adopt one right away!

All of us probably agree with the fact that a life with pets is one filled with love and happiness. In addition to this, studies conducted in recent years have also pointed out the advantages of living with pets.

From decreasing loneliness to promoting good health, pets are no less than healers that each of us needs in our lives. 

Here are some astonishing health benefits of being a pet-owner which will make you want to take care of animals better: 


1. Pets can decrease your Loneliness For a long time, loneliness has been associated with health problems like heart diseases and Alzheimer’s. On a related note, a study published in Aging & Mental Health has proved that adults living in the company of pets were less prone to loneliness. In an era where people are bound to live alone at some point in their lives, pets could turn out to be their support system and offer some sort of social interaction. 


2. Pets help in reducing your Pain Have you ever felt better immediately after interacting with your pet? Well, there's a scientific reason behind that. Pets help in reducing anxiety, which in turn alleviates any sort of chronic pain. The recent hype in pet therapy is due to the fact that pets actually help in easing pain. They help patients recover with comparatively much lesser medication than others who rely on normal treatment. image 


3. Pets can prevent Strokes Shout-out to all the cat owners out there! Did you know that your majestic feline could reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack by 30 per cent? These "purrfect" creatures also reduce your chances of having cardiovascular incidents, like a stroke, by 40 per cent. Apart from this, pets help their owners to recover better after they have suffered a heart attack. image 


4. Pets can improve your Immunity Children who are exposed to pets early in their lives are less likely to develop allergies. The dander on pet hair act as natural immunotherapy, this is probably the reason why children who grow up around animals suffer less allergies. However, this works only in childhood, adults who already suffer from allergies can't reverse their condition by adopting pets.


5. Pets have the ability to detect Cancer Animals have instinctive abilities which make them alert about unforeseen instances like suffering, death, and destruction. A study published in the British Medical Journal claims that dogs can meticulously sniff out early stages of bowel cancer. Apart from this, there is ample research evidence of dogs being able to accurately sniff out other forms of cancers.

Having a furry friend can definitely improve your quality of life. Animals have so much to offer to us and this should make us rethink the way we treat them. The need to adopt animals as pets doesn't have to arise out of the health benefits they offer. In the end, it all boils down to co-existing and the unconditional love, which none of us can say no to!

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