How to Get Your Ex Back The Fastest Way

Relationships come and go, especially when you're young. There's plenty of fish in the sea, right? What if the guy you were with is really the right one though? You want to know how to get your ex back as quickly as possible because honestly, you're miserable without him. I've heard these types of comments many times and even though some couples get back together successfully, the majority don't. That because they don't know what works, and what steps to take to go about achieving a successful outcome. The younger you are, the less likely the relationship will end up a permanent one. I'm sorry to say that, but statistics prove as much. Young people have their whole life ahead of them and they are just getting their feet wet in the relationship department. Rarely you will see a relationship that started out in high school to go on to a marriage? Thirty years ago, sure, but not usually today. Dating couples that are less than 25 years old probably don't have a strong foundation to build a relationship on.


Any girl can get her boyfriend back just by making him jealous and flaunting a new guy on her arm. It's easy to find someone new because young adults have such a huge social network and activities going on. If this new person's role is to solely make your ex jealous, you will probably succeed. What are the chances of your relationship growing and moving forward though? Not very good if you don't have the maturity or even know what caused the breakup to begin with. Young people can succeed with this method of no contact and jealousy game. But, what if you are over 25? Say you are between 30-40. Do you really want to try to make your ex jealous? Do you even know another guy that your ex doesn't know as just a friend of yours? Usually, relationships in this age group do have a longer period of time the couple was together. They do have a solid foundation to work with, and they do know each other friends.


This method of the jealousy thing is somewhat immature for them and probably won't work. What does work for ex-couples that are a little older is mainly the fact that you do have a history? Chances are you two were living together. You are best friends with a mutual group of people. You know each other's families. You will have a huge support group to listen to your story IF you want them to. Counseling is also an option if you want to keep things more private. With mutual friends, the chances of running into each other or being at the same social gathering are high. You're both mature and care for each other, so why not talk when you see each other and arrange time alone to discuss things? Many times relationships take a wrong turn just because life gets in the way. Everyone gets wrapped up in the daily grind with work and responsibilities. Maybe you just stopped noticing each other. You're still in love, so why not start over? Start dating each other again. Don't live together, even if you did before. Go out, or see each other only three times a week. Learn to appreciate each other again. Learn to respect each other again. Learn to fall back in love! It isn't going to take longer, especially if the love never went away. Learn how to get your ex back with respect and grace. You can do it and you can become a stronger couple than before!




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