Anyone Who Doesn't Love The Real You Is Not Meant For You

I'll see you. You can't see me. But you see me. I'll see you. I can see your heart big. Do not conceal it to fit in this shallow environment. Open up, never afraid of being you. The real one. That's the best you need to know and the only one you need. Some are not going to like it they are not right for you. Some are going to love it-these are your people. Someone who does not love the real you is not intended for you. Keep giving everything, to everybody. Just like the sun, shine bright. I see you. I see you're not fitting in. How could you stand out when you were born? I see you're different. But you're going to find your place. I see you. And what a blessing that is. Don't just settle for those who dim your light. Wait for the ones that will light you up. Wait for the spark and await the magic.


If you are patient and true to yourself, the right people will turn up in your life. I'll see you. Your wonderful dreams I see. Continue to chase them – keep fighting for them, but never lose sight of what counts. You can have all of this and you deserve all of it. You can have that passion, and that harmony. Whatever it takes you can do by still doing what is right. You should do what's best for you while doing the right thing for others. I'll see you. If you feel like giving up. Don't lose hope. Enjoy the ride. Every single small step along the way. Every single person, every moment. Learn from the lessons. Notice the beatitudes. You deserve all of that and more. You deserve the losses, the comparison, the development, and the blessings because they all form part of life's magic. I'll see you. I see the pain. Know that the pain is going to pass, know it was sent to make you stronger.


When you want to use it, anything is a GIFT. Every single lesson is a blessing. I'll see you. I know you are Love-filled. Give that love wherever you possibly can. LEAD with heart. I know you've got a big one. And this world needs more like you. Either way, they say: Be you. It's the real you. The real you. You are the best. What they think: You know what's Okay. Do what's Okay. Stand For What's OK. Live for that which is correct. Whatever their opinion: go your own way. Tell the truth. Follow on with the truth. LIVE thy reality. Create your itinerary. Tell the truth. Follow on with the truth. LIVE in reality.




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