Google Doodle celebrates Pride Month 2019

Today Google Doodle celebrates its 50 years of pride with doodle animated which was started from 1969, in the year when the community was fighting for its rights and indentity and now it's 2019 it means it almost passed 5 decades. The attractive doodle was created by Doodler Nate Swinehart for him doodle is also a medium to show the journey of his own life, history of how it was shaped and many other things. All over the world the month of June is celebrated as a Month of Pride many other pride events even take place in this month to recognize the impact LGBTQIA+ had in the world. Doodle was designed to bring the positive impact on the world,it was just an attempt made by Nate.


Swinehart said that "The Pride Parade is a symbol of celebration and liberation for the entire LGBTQ+ community. From its early days of activism on Christopher Street in New York City, to the worldwide celebrations of today, it has empowered and given voice to a bright and vibrant community." Google today has uploaded a slideshow which depicts the journey of last five decades how there was an evolution and growth in Pride Parade. The various slideshow show the changes of each decade. There are all together 5 slides. If you didn't noticed till now go and click on the Google and have some fun and know the Pride journey of doodle animated.

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